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Archives and Special Collections

Procedures for transfer of University records

  • The disposition of University records should be managed according to the records retention schedule, which would indicate how long specific record series should be retained. If your records have not been scheduled, please contact Amanda Rindler, University Records Manager at 812-855-6564, or e-mail her at Please do not destroy records that have not been scheduled. To learn more, visit IU Records Management
  • Please do not send records to the archives without first consulting with the archives.
  • Annual transfers of these records are a preferred method. This can be arranged by speaking with the archives.
  • When you are ready to transfer records, notify Jeremy Pekarek at 219-980-6547, or
  • If you are transferring a large volume of records, the archives will first examine the records onsite.

Packing and labeling of the boxes

  • Files should be transferred in archival record center boxes. These boxes can be obtained for free through the archives.
  • Records should be packed in the order in which they were kept in the office.
  • Records should be in file folders that are labeled with a folder title and inclusive dates.
  • Hanging file folders should be replaced with regular file folders.
  • Each box should be labeled in pencil with only the box number. Please do not write the name of your department on the boxes.
  • A complete box and folder inventory for the accession should be created in Microsoft Word or in plain text and emailed to the archives.


  • Complete a transmittal form (below) when transferring records to the archives (one form per transfer).
  • To complete the form please save it to your workstation, complete all fields, print the form, sign it and return to the archives with the records being transferred.


Faculty (or personal papers) are a completely different process from university records. To learn more, visit the Personal Papers page