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Archives and Special Collections

Goal 3: Digital Stewardship

Objective 3.1: Evaluate existing storage concerns in order to mitigate the potential loss of data/content by working with Digital Collections Services (DPS) and or University Information Technology Services (UITS) to foster migration of such content by employing manageable solutions that work with our technology and time management capabilities.

Objective 3.2: Increase digitization efforts by utilizing IU repositories to create digitization plans that address priority collections, workflows, finding aids, and internal scanning/saving procedures (as well as external/outsourcing projects), that increase broader public access. In addition to new projects, update metadata on the MDPI records (or other existing digitization projects) and outline potential collections for public access.

Objective 3.3: Create modes of discoverability by investigating and employing options to revamp the archive’s webpage, use libguides, create an active social media presence, work with existing partners to promote and update collection links, utilize IU news outlets (and other potential news sources) to promote collections, use EBSCO discovery services to create collection links, audit and update existing cataloged items.


Goal three addresses key elements surrounding the long-term storage of digital materials and space. It also aims to create a workflow for processing digital collections, and digital output, and updating various web resources. It will comply with IU standards and policies regarding information technology, University Archives, and Records Management.