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Archives and Special Collections

Goal 2: Preservation

Objective 2.1: Organize and consolidate collections to targeted spaces in order to; establish location tags and mapping, establish a consolidated space for supplies while also maximizing processing areas, ensure boxes fit accordingly on desired shelving while also investigating new shelving/storage options for future acquisitions, and migrate specific collections to desired spaces in order to consolidate formats while at the same time maximizing the potential to create new space opportunities.


Objective 2.2: Continue processing collections to reduce the volume of the backlog in both CRA and IUN records to establish a workable routine moving forward to minimize temporary housing. The archives will employ the “More Product, Less Process” (MPLP) theory to maximize processing times and access services.

Objective 2.3: Continue to employ proper preservation techniques to minimize risk to collections; including monitoring climate-controlled spaces, rehousing projects, minimizing exposure, maintaining clean and well-organized spaces, ensuring priority processing and or conservation for collections in need, and establishing emergency preparedness procedures.

Objective 2.4: Establish and implement a procedure for university records that consolidates records to a single dedicated space, coordinate services with the IU Records Manager to ensure preservation and retention standards are employed and collaborate to roll out programming initiatives that support university documentation and preservation.


Goal two works toward caring and supporting for collections in various ways. This includes evaluating current and new spaces to accommodate growth, collection level processing, employing environmental factors, and working with individual collection needs. This goal relates to IUN’s core value of Integrity by engaging in professional standards.