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Archives and Special Collections

Five Year Strategic Plan Overview (2023-2028)

The Indiana University Northwest Archives includes a rich and meaningful history worthy of historical preservation, interpretation, and access. This strategic plan lays out a pathway to address targeted areas where the archive can continue to grow in various capacities. This plan will help build upon the dedication of the previous archivist (Stephen McShane, Emeritus Librarian), staff, volunteers, historians, and community that have established a unique research center for town and gown populations alike. Without their commitments, these proposed initiatives would not have been possible. This plan seeks to continue their dedicated efforts. 

This five-year plan (2023-2028) outlines four goals with specific objectives that address administrative functions and responsibilities of the archive, continued preservation, digital stewardship, and outreach and patron services. This plan seeks to operate within the goals outlined in Indiana University Northwest’s strategic plan and serve IUN’s core values. In addition, the archives will continue to fulfill the missions of the Anderson Library and the CRA in order to create a practice of relationship building and community representation that fosters research, scholarship, and growth through three basic archival principles: collection development, preservation, and access.