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Archives and Special Collections

Bring your class to the Archives!

The archive is a fantastic resource for multi-discipline research for both students and faculty alike. The Calumet Regional Archives offers a wealth of information on the City of Gary and the broader Calumet region including more than 500 collections and over 7000 photographs. We are more than willing to collaborate with faculty on providing instruction-based opportunities within the archives. 

Learning Experiences

Archival Tours provide students with a brief overview of the archives, collections, preservation, and how to use the archives. These are typically very short sessions. 

One-Shot Instruction involves a single session within the archives where students may interact with primary sources in order to gain intimate knowledge of a specialized topic that relates to the course objectives. These sessions could consume an entire class day and may be tailored to meet the needs of the course. 

Project Based Instruction allows students to engage with primary sources/collections through a semester-long research project. These projects may be developed and discussed between the course instructor and archivist. 

Research Consultations simply provide students with the opportunity to conduct individual research in the archives. 

For additional information on information literacy, view the library instruction page

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the difference between primary and secondary sources
  • Analyze and interpret primary sources (using original materials in the archives)
  • Learn how to document and cite primary/archival sources
  • Develop skills necessary to search for archival records (understand finding aids)
  • Understand why archives are an important research function for multiple disciplines
  • Learn about the history of IU Northwest, Gary, or the Calumet region