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IU Northwest is the result of growth and change that began in 1921 when the university offered its first formal classes in Lake County as part of a program sponsored by the Gary Public School System. Under various names and in various locations, Indiana University has been serving the needs of higher education in Northwest Indiana ever since, with our first building being founded on our current location in 1959.

The video was created by Stephen McShane. 

Brief Timeline


(1959) Dedication of new Gary Center building (building later named Tamarack Hall).


(1961) John C. Buhner named Chancellor. Theater Northwest is founded, the first such program at an IU regional campus.

(1963) Calumet Center & Gary Center become the Northwest campus of Indiana University.

(1967) First commencement on Gleason Park Golf Course (also first IU regional campus commencement). Development of BA in African American studies, one of the earliest in the U.S.

(1969) George N. Thoma named acting Chancellor. Moraine Student Center and Raintree Hall open.


(1970) Robert McNeill named Chancellor.

(1972) Northwest Center for Medical Education opens.

(1974) Herman Feldman named acting Chancellor.

(1975) Danilo Orescanin named Chancellor.

(1976) Hawthorn Hall opens.


(1980) Library/Conference Center opens.

(1984) Peggy Gordon Elliott named Chancellor.


(1991) Marram Hall opens.

(1992) Lloyd A. Rowe named acting Chancellor. The IUN sports teams change name from the Chiefs to the Blast.

(1993) Hilda Richards named Chancellor.

(1999) Bruce W. Bergland named Chancellor. The IUN sports teams change name from the Blast to the RedHawks.


(2000) Savannah Center opens.

(2004) Dunes Medical/Professional Building opens.

(2006) Sculpture Garden is dedicated.

(2008) Campus is flooded with water overflowing from the Little Calumet River. Campus is closed for two weeks.


(2010) Chancellor Bruce W. Bergland retires. Chancellor William J. Lowe is named Chancellor. IU President McRobbie announces the naming of the Savannah Center Auditorium as the Bruce E. Bergland Auditorium.

(2012) Tamarack Hall is demolished. Tamarack Hall time capsule is opened. Frank Caucci Languages, Cultures, and Listening Lab is dedicated.

(2015) Groundbreaking for new Arts & Sciences Building (to replace Tamarack Hall).

(2016) 50th commencement at the IU Northwest campus.

(2017) New Arts & Sciences Building opens.

(2019) IU Northwest celebrates 60 years of being at current campus.