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IUN Virtual Library for Faculty: Home

Accessing the John W. Anderson Library's resources and services for all online classes. A guide that provides a gateway to access library databases, e-books, interlibrary loan, virtual reference help, and video conferencing instruction.




About This Guide


100% of all IUN classes will be taught online from now until the end of Spring 2020 semester. This poses unique challenges for many instructors who need to migrate materials from in-class teaching to a fully online environment. The John W. Anderson IUN Northwest Library has created this LibGuide in order to highlight online resources and services for all IUN faculty and make them readily accessible.

Online Capacity

All of the resources listed in this LibGuide are 100% available online without entering the library building. Throughout the Spring 2020 Semester, librarians and library staff will be readily available to help instructors with any resources and tools in this LibGuide.

Guide Contents


Virtual Reference - learn how faculty and students can contact the library with any research assistance, including our chat function, phone numbers, faculty liaison, and more

Virtual Instruction - see how faculty can schedule virtual library instruction sessions using Kaltura and Zoom video conferencing

Library Databases - easily access library databases that correspond to your subject and discipline

E-Books - easily access e-books to find supplemental or substituting resources for your current curriculum and class materials

Interlibrary Loan - current ILL practices during this time period

Citation Help for Your Students - resources to help your students with citing, including APA/MLA formats and formatting papers and presentations

Writing Center - how this service for students is continuing to operate virtually

Internet Access for Students - help the campus pass information along to students if they need Internet and don't have it at home


Please contact Nico Casas for any questions about this LibGuide: or 219-980-6806