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Library Instruction at Indiana University Northwest

This is an internal LibGuide for all librarians who deliver library instruction session. Includes scheduling logistics, forms, links, help, and resources.

SIFT Method by Mike Caulfield

Mike Caulfield (University of Washington Vancouver) has come up with a method that teaches students to look and analyze information laterally and identify and disprove fake news and misinformation. It is called the SIFT Method.

  • Stop: Don't just scroll through your phone or computer endless to consume information. When you come across a claim, stop and actually look at the information. Be present in the moment.
  • Investigate the Source: Know what you are reading before you read it. See who the author or organization is.
  • Find Better Coverage: See what others are saying about this organization. Maybe find other coverage that you trust, coverage that is more varied and more in depth. It doesn't mean you have to agree with it.
  • Trace Claims, Quotes, and Media to the Original Context: A lot of information on the Internet is recycled and designed to get clicks and generate revenue. Try to find the original article, video, or study. The idea is to put the resource in its original context.

See Mike Caulfield's original blog post on SIFT.

Information Literacy Resources

Citation Help Resources