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Library Instruction at Indiana University Northwest

This is an internal LibGuide for all librarians who deliver library instruction session. Includes scheduling logistics, forms, links, help, and resources.

Steps for a Library Instruction Session

  1. All instructors must fill out the Library Instruction Request Form. This starts the process for library instruction sessions. Instructors must fill out a form 2 weeks before their desired date.
  2. Once a form is submitted, Qualtrics triggers an email to Nico who receives the results of the form.
  3. A librarian will be assigned to a session based on the liaison form and/or previous satisfactory work with the instructor. Nico then forwards the completed request form to the librarian.
  4. Once librarian agrees, Nico emails the instructor with Cc to the librarian confirming the date and time of the session.
  5. Librarian prepares for the session including any lesson plans, handouts, Powerpoint slides, or anything else.
  6. Librarian produces the video. This includes recording and editing captions.
  7. Librarian adds instructor as a co-publisher. (See Word document "Step 1" below.)
  8. Librarian notifies instructor that their video is complete.
    1. The librarian sends over documentation how to retrieve a video from Kaltura and place into Canvas.
    2. If a librarian creates a handout, a librarian can send that over via email.
    3. In the same email, send Qualtrics evaluation form for students and emphasize that it is critical for promotion and tenure purposes.
  9. Finish up by completing Qualtrics library instruction stats form.

Helpful Forms and Links

Evaluation and Assessment