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Kate Gustafson's W131 Online Class Guide

This guide supports Professor Gustafson's online English W131 class with research.


Hello! Welcome to the library guide (LibGuide) for Professor Kate Gustafson's W131 online class. This guide is designed to teach students how to conduct academic research and answer questions you may have on the research process.

This guide will take you step by step through research options and what to watch out for. Use the navigation bar to jump to each section.

Other W131 Guides

Guides exist for other W131 classes. Although very similar, these guides organize information differently and may have different information. Feel free to look at these guides if you are having trouble with this guide or would like to see if they have additional tips.


If you have questions about using the library or conducting research that are not answered here, or if you need clarification, please contact us with one of these options.

Phone Number: (219) 980-6582
E-Mail: Ask a Librarian

You may also contact the librarian for this guide.