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Researching Articles: Advanced Searching

A guide on how to locate, access, and utilize articles from databases like EBSCO.

Advanced Searching

  1. Advanced searching redirects you to a page where the boolean phrase is expanded. 
    1. Options include adding additional words, phrases, authors, titles, subject terms, and ISBN numbers.
    2. On the left hand side of the page, there is an option to select AND, OR, or NOT. These may be used to include or exclude specific topics from your advanced search. 
    3. You may add as many boolean phrases as you like, but keep in mind that the number of yielded results will be directly impacted. 
  2. Other search options include:
    1. Selecting a different search mode and expanders.
    2. Limiting your results with publication dates and types, languages, and document type.
    3. Whether or not the resource is peer reviewed or a full text is also listed under the advanced search. 
  3. Tips:
    1. Use parentheses to group words together in a search.
    2. Use quotation marks in order to search for exact phrases.
    3. Use an asterisk for truncation (searching for the root of a word).
  4. The advanced search options are also lifted on the left hand side of the result list and may be modified as you search. 

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Advanced Search Tutorial

This selected portion of the Academic Search Premier tutorial highlights an advanced search