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Researching Articles: Basic Search

A guide on how to locate, access, and utilize articles from databases like EBSCO.

Basic Search

  1. At the start of a basic search, you will be directed to a search engine where you may type in key words and phrases that are related to your main topic. 
    1. You may put quotation marks around words/phrases that you want to yield exact results for. 
    2. If you would like to group words together, you may use parentheses. The benefit of this, being that words must follow the sequential order in your basic search. 
  2. Basic searches yield a massive amount of results because they do not include limiters
    1. Limiters like full text and academic peer reviewed are automatically selected for you. 
    2. Expanders also apply equivalent subjects and search within the full text of articles. 
  3. All source types are represented in a basic search, so you will get back books, academic journals, and reviews.

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Basic Search Tutorial

This selected portion of the Academic Search Premier tutorial highlights a basic search