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Library Skills Instruction: MLA Writing Guidelines--Videos

Writing Guidelines

College students are required to write papers according to guidelines selected by individual professors.  Usually, professors who teach social sciences and/or sciences insist that students use the APA writing style created by the American Psychological Association.  However, professors who teach the humanities, e.g., English courses, usually, prefer students to use MLA guidelines written by the Modern Language Association.  Other professors may want their students to use other guidelines pertaining to their disciplines.

These guidelines help students to format their papers and create citations to document the sources which are used to write their papers.  The videos below provide explanations and examples pertaining to the MLA guidelines. 

MLA Guidelines (7th Edition)--YouTube Videos Created by Crystal Rose at the Memorial University Libraries

MLA Guidelines for Citing Websites--Created by Librarians at Gabriele Library, Immaculata University

MLA Guidelines (7th Edition) for Poetry, Song Lyrics and Plays--Created by Crystal Rose at the Memorial University Libraries

Print Copy of MLA Guidelines