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S371 Social Work Research - Jill Chonody: Home

This guide is for the online class S371 taught by Jill Chonody.

What is a literature review?

A literature review is an thorough and up-to-date overview of existing research within a topic or field. Your literature will come from quantitative research, however, other literature reviews can come from other scholarly sources.

"It's a review because it usually contains a summary, synthesis, or analysis of the central arguments in the existing literature on the topic.  A literature review does not present an original argument, but instead presents the arguments of others. The sources are the main focus in a literature review and the author summarizes the arguments or ideas of others. You should include only the most relevant sources on a topic. The literature review may also include gaps in the literature, identifying areas where further research needs to be completed." Literature Review, Monmouth University

Purpose of a Literature Review

A literature review can have several purposes.  It can:

  • summarize the existing research on a particular topic
  • introduce the important research on a topic
  • point out contradictory or controversial studies or methodologies
  • raise a question or highlight an issue for further study
  • help to contextualize the current research

Literature Review: an Overview for Graduate Students

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