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Using ILLiad

This guide explains registration and usage of ILLiad, our electronic interlibrary loan service.

ILLiad Registration

To submit interlibrary loan requests through ILLiad, it is necessary to first create an ILLiad account.

An ILLiad account is separate from your Indiana University Northwest account or library barcode, and is NOT already set up for ILLiad. First time users must create an ILLiad account.

To start, on the ILLiad logon page provided through a link in the left box, click the “First Time Users” link.



On the next web page, read through the terms and conditions and the ILLiad FAQ, then click on the “First Time Users Click Here” button.

The next web page will provide a web form with required fields to fill out in registering for an ILLiad account. These required fields are shown with red asterisks in the image below.

If you are an Indiana University Northwest student, faculty or staff member, the John W. Anderson Library highly encourages you to use the same username as provided to you by Indiana University Northwest on your IU Northwest ID.

Your IU Northwest ID is the 10-digit number provided to IU Northwest students, faculty and staff, while the library barcode is the 14-digit number provided to all individuals that have a library or IU Northwest ID card.

If you are not an IU Northwest student, faculty or staff member and do not have a library barcode, you will need to come to the library and set up a Community Patron account with the Circulation Desk. A Community Patron is an Indiana resident without ties to Indiana University. The Circulation Desk requires a valid Indiana state ID or driver's license to verify residency when creating Community Patron accounts.

After completing registration, you may return to the ILLiad login page and sign in to submit your requests. Note that you can immediately submit requests, but the Interlibrary Loan office must clear your account before they can process any submitted interlibrary loan requests.