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Faye Kachur Online W131 Class Guide: Articles

This guide is to assist students enrolled in Professor Kachur's W131 Online Course.

Databases to use

The databases listed below are multidisciplinary databases. You should be able to find information in the databases listed below. If you want databases specific to the career field you are researching, go to the Databases by Subject tab.

1. Basic Search--This tutorial introduces researchers to some limiters, the result list, delivery tools and marking records.

4. Reading An Article--This tutorial examines a detailed record. Some of the record's features are: the delivery tools (print, save, etc.), the listen button to hear HTML articles and the PDF viewer tool to read

2. Advanced Searching: Guided Style--In this tutorial, this search method allows researchers to select the fields the computer should search, simultaneously. In addition, the date range feature and full text option are highlighted, too.

5. Using Your Search History--The search history lists current searches that can be saved for later use. This tutorial explains how to edit and save searches, combine searches and edit existing saved searches.

3. Result List--The result list is a compilation of records retrieved from the current search. This tutorial demonstrates how to narrow your results, sort records, view images and add records to a folder.

6. My EBSCOhost Folder--This tutorial explains how to set up a personalized folder. Materials can be saved in customized folders. Saved items can be copied and journal alerts can be set up, etc