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Fact Checking: Other Resources

Use as a guide for evaluating sources, fact checing, and identifying misinformation.

Mike Caulfield Resources

Mike Caulfield is the founder of The Four Moves which evolved into what is known as the SIFT Method today. For specific resources related to Mike Caulfield, here are two to start with.

Mike Caulfield's YouTube channel

  • On his YouTube channel you find videos he has personally made about SIFT

Web Literacy for Student Fact-Checkers 

  • This 2017 creative commons book details Caulfield’s Four Moves, which have become known as the SIFT Method in recent years. While the content of this book relates more to the Four Moves, the information is still very similar and can be very useful for learning how to fact check.

How to Fact-Check Online Sources

The Facts about Fact Checking