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Fact Checking: Useful Tips

Use as a guide for evaluating sources, fact checing, and identifying misinformation.

SIFT Method

For more information see Mike Caulfield's SIFT (The Four Moves)

Look Out For

Here are some tips about what to be wary of when fact checking.

  • Watch out for sensational headlines
  • Look closely at images to see if they have been altered
  • Make sure URLs are appropriate and do not have added pieces such as “.co” or “lo”
  • Check and investigate quotes to see if information has been taken out of context

Always Remember

Here are some tips to always remember when fact checking.

  • Check your own bias
  • Ask yourself who wrote this and when did they write it
  • Look at multiple sources, especially reputable news sources
  • Investigate what the site is known for by Googling and/or looking at their “About Us” section or page