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Prevention of Wife Abuse: Introduction

Wife abuse is a topic that could be discussed in various classes, e.g. Indiana University's S163 Social Problems class. This LibGuide addresses the preventive aspect of such a serious problem.

Wife Abuse--Not Just a Local Problem


        While I was searching for resources to create a LibGuide on the prevention of wife abuse in the United States, I was shocked that it was really an international occurrence/crime in several countries.  The UN database in this LibGuide can give you some indication of which countries have problems with domestic violence.  Although I have not read everything I found, wife abuse is manifested in a variety of ways.  Wives are physically abused, emotionally abused, verbally abused and abused in other ways.  Look at the R.A.I.N.N. web site for details.  Where can these women go to avoid these attacks?  Their relatives, neighbors, police and shelters help these victims with some success.  But what is the root of the problem?  Why do husbands attack their wives?  Was she ALWAYS the cause?  Which situations “forced” husbands to take out their failures, disappointments, anger, addictions and low self-esteem on another human being, specifically, his wife?

         This LibGuide is another attempt to help wives whose husbands battered them, abused them, attacked them.  Hopefully, these victims will read some or all of the resources in this LibGuide and find ways to prevent themselves or someone they know from brutal assaults from their husbands.

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