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  Due to renovation, books from the library third floor are currently unavailable. Links for these books will not show a record. Please contact a reference librarian if you need assistance.  

Renovation FAQ

This guide is intended to answer important and frequently asked questions about library renovations and their impact.


At the end of December 2018, Facilities began renovation of the library third floor. This FAQ is provided to explain the renovation and address important and frequently asked questions.


What is the purpose of this renovation project?

This renovation will add a new HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) system, new lighting and ceiling tiles, and a sprinkler system.

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Length of Time

How long will this renovation take?

Renovation of the third floor is currently planned for completion in May. However, this timetable may change depending on renovation progress and needs.

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Next Steps

What will happen after third floor renovation is completed?

Facilities will reopen the third floor, and renovation will move on to the first and second floor. The exact details will come at a later date. Watch this space for further updates.


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Affected Collections and Services

What collections and services are affected by this renovation?

The HG-Z call number range in the Stacks of the library's physical books collection is unavailable. In addition, these services have been relocated during the renovation.

  • Calumet Regional Archives
  • Office of Institutional Effectiveness and Research


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Third Floor Book Access

I need a book from the library that was kept on the third floor. How can I get the book?

There are two methods for obtaining a book that was held on the third floor.

  • "Request Delivery" in IUCAT (search with "All IUCAT" checkmarked)
  • Submit a Book Request in ILLiad

If the library can obtain the book, it will take about a week to arrive. Please plan your research needs accordingly.

More information on how to use ILLiad is available on our ILLiad Guide.

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Immediate Book Need

I need a book from the third floor immediately and cannot wait a week. What can I do?

WorldCAT Local can show what libraries in the area own the book. Here are the steps to follow.

  • Search for the book
  • Click on the book's title to get its record
  • Scroll down to "Worldwide libraries that own the item" and click the link
    • If the zip code next to "Enter your location" is not correct, change it and click on the "Find libraries" button.

A list will appear showing the closest libraries that own the book. If you find a library and you want to use their book, contact that library or check their catalog to make sure it is available for use. You can see the library's contact information with their "Library info" link.

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Quiet Area

I need a quiet place to study. Where can I go while the third floor is unavailable?

The second floor has been temporarily divided into a quiet area, and a moderate volume area. The west side of the library is the quiet area and includes a computer lab. The middle and east side - straight ahead when getting off the elevators - are the moderate volume area.

Please be mindful of others' study needs with regard to volume on the second floor, especially during the renovation period.

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Other Third Floor Services

I need to use services that were housed on the third floor. Where do I go?

You can contact the office providing that service, or the library's Reference department by one of the methods given on this page, for further assistance.

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Question Not Here

What if I have a question that is not listed here?

Contact the library's Reference department by one of the methods given on this page and we will answer your question as soon as possible. If it is a common or high priority question, this FAQ will be updated for its inclusion.

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