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Proxy Link Conversion Guide: Proxy Link Converter

The purpose of this guide is to explain the proxy server change and provide a way for the IUN community to easily change any bookmarks, favorites or links before the old server is shut down.


This guide is to assist IU Northwest students, faculty and staff in accessing subscribed library databases while off campus. It does not provide proxy service to any sites other than our subscribed databases, and it will not work if you are not enrolled or working at IU Northwest.

Keep in mind that not all online resources require use of the proxy for access, or may not be set up for access through our proxy. Contact the library if you believe a resource requires the proxy for access.

You can reach a librarian through one of the methods on our Ask Us page.

Proxy Link Converter

Proxy Link Converter

Enter the old link into the "Current link" box below and click on "Convert" to obtain the new link.


The text box is cutting off part of the link.

The full link is in the box, but you need to click inside the box and move the blinking cursor to the right to see the rest of the link.

Why is a converted link that worked before no longer working?

The target website might have changed, or there may have been some technical changes for access.