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This full-text database provides articles that are found in multiple disciplines.

About the MyJSTOR Account

MyJSTOR is a personalized account you may use to store, print, email, track and/or delete saved citations.

In addition, you can save searches and rerun them, later.  These citations and searches are saved for at least three years.

To Register for a MyJSTOR Account

1.  Click the "Login" link on the gray bar in JSTOR

2.  Click the link, "Register for MyJSTOR" and fill out the registration form

3.  Click the "Submit" button to submit the form and access your account for the first time

4.  Then, use the citation tools and/or save a search  

To Login to MyJSTOR Account

(To learn how to get an account, go to the box, "To Register for a MyJSTOR Account" in this guide)

1.  On the gray bar click the link, "Login," then, enter your "MyJSTOR username" and "MyJSTOR password"

2.  Click  the "Login" button

3.  Then, use the citation tools, save a search, or go to the menu, "MyJSTOR," on the gray bar and select the appropriate option

To Access Tools in MyJSTOR Account

To work with the tools in your MyJSTOR account:

1.  Login to your MyJSTOR account

2.  Go to the gray bar, open the "MyJSTOR" menu and click an option  

     a.  Under "Saved Citations," email, export, track and/or delete selected citations or print the entire list

     b.  Under "Search Alerts," rerun and/or delete selected searches

3.  In the "MyJSTOR" menu click "My Profile" to change your password

To Exit a MyJSTOR Account

1. To avoid logging in, again, to your MyJSTOR account, use the "Back" arrow to return to the current search or to do another search,

2.  To exit your MyJSTOR account, click "Logout" on the gray bar (You will have to login to access your MyJSTOR account, again)

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