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How to Find Articles: JSTOR Database

Search Tips

The tips below will help you to avoid getting several "false" hits

1.  Do not use stop words, e.g. "a," "an," "in," "of"

2.  To search exact terms,  enclose them in quotation marks "" e.g. "United States Constitution."

3.  Do not limit a search by the "abstract" field. Most records in JSTOR do not have an abstract.  

4.  The asterisk * should be used to truncate a word, e.g. "afric*"  The following words may be retrieved:  "Africa," "African," "Africans." 

5.  Use the number sign # to find variations of a word, e.g. wom#n.  This will retrieve "woman" and "women."

6.  Synonyms, e.g. "Formosa" and "Taiwan," should be used whenever necessary.

7.  Do not forget to use relevant limiters, e.g. article, date of publication, language, on the advanced search screen, to retrieve better results.

To Use the Citation Locator

If you want to retrieve an article in JSTOR but you do not have the complete citation, you can use the Citation Locator to find the article.

1.  Go to the ""Search" menu on the gray bar and click "Citation Locator"

2.  Enter as much information as possible; then, click "Search"

3.  Click "Modify Search" to change the search


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