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Gale Databases: Search Tips

This guide will show you how to search various Gale databases

LRC Search Tips

Basic Search / General Navigation

Enter a word or phrase, select a search option and enter any optional limiters as listed below to begin searching Literature Resource Center.

Search Option
(search tips)
Person - By or About names of literary figures to find documents that were written by that person or that contain a significant amount of information about him or her.
Name of Work the titles of literary works (poems, plays, books, etc.) discussed in the database as well as for any copies of the work itself that may be present.
Keywords key fields, including authors, titles, subject terms and introductory text.
Entire Document the complete text of documents. This option is recommended if you are looking for a famous quotation.

Tip: Improve the precision of your search by putting phrases in quotation marks. A search on remains of the day (no quotes) will return all documents that contain the word remains and the word day within a few words of each other. A search on "remains of the day" (in quotes) will return only documents where these words appear in the exact order listed, with no intervening words between, or only words such as a, the, this, to and the like appearing in the phrase.
Limit Results Option (optional)Limits Your Results...
(Click Show Search Options if these are not currently displayed)
Peer-reviewed publications to include only articles from academic journals that have undergone peer review.
Publication date(s) by publication date.
Publication century to documents within one or more centuries. To make multiple selections, press and hold the CTRL (Control) key while clicking on multiple items.
Content type to documents from one or more content sets. Your results will contain only those tab(s) which correspond to the content set(s) you selected. To view a description of each content set, hover your mouse cursor over its label.
Publication title to documents from specific publications. Click the Browse link to search for and select up to ten publications.
Search in You can select one or more module(s) you wish to search from the list provided. By default All electronic resources will be searched. To make multiple selections, press and hold the CTRL (Control) key while clicking on multiple items.

Your search results will be arranged into tabs according to type of content.

Note: The actual materials and sources you find depend on which Literature Resource Center modules make up your library's subscription.

General Navigation

In addition to Basic Search, other searches are available on the menu bar: Advanced Search, Person Search, Works Search and Gale Literary Index.

Above the menu bar you'll find the toolbar:

Toolbar LinkDescription
Bookmark Bookmark search pages, your results and your Marked Items list
Marked Items (number) Create a personalized list of documents that interest you by checking the Mark box for a search result item or the Save this document box. Once you have marked an item, this toolbar link appears, allowing you to view all marked items. Tip: Your Marked Items may be Bookmarked for retrieval after you have ended your current session.
Previous Searches Displays a history of your searches
Dictionaries Look up words in an online dictionary: Merriam-Webster's Encyclopedia of Literature® or Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary®
Title List View the list of sources that make up this database
Help Get help information for the screen currently displayed
Tips and Guided Tour Helpful links if you are new to this database

Session Preferences and Changing the Display Language

The Preferences link near the top of the screen on the right lets you change certain settings for the current session.

To choose which language you want the system to use when displaying menus, links, and instructions, select from the language drop-down menu at the top of the screen. (Note that this setting does not translate the content found in this database. Refer to the translate feature.)

Getting Information About this Database

Literature Resource Center is a comprehensive and reliable online literature database for high school students and undergraduates featuring biographical entries and author portraits, critical essays, reviews, overviews of frequently studied works, and thousands of full-text poems, short stories and plays.

The following modules are available and can be seamlessly integrated into Literature Resource Center.

  • Scribner Writers Series
  • Twayne's Authors Series

Tip: Your searches will automatically search across all subscribed modules. Or you may select a specific module to search using the Search in limiter of Basic Search and Advanced Search.

Click the About link located at the bottom of product screens for more information.


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