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Animated GIFs as Instruction Tools - ILF Annual 2019 - Public: Creating a GIF

This is a workshop guide developed for ILF Annual 2019, with extra boxes to allow public users to see the code used.


For this segment, we will work through how to make an animated GIF. This is not a comprehensive guide on the process, but a basic overview of the quickest path to creating a GIF.

Step 1: create still image(s)

  1. For fastest path (and for this session), use the Windows Snippet Tool
    1. Print screen + Paint is an option, but more time-consuming
  2. Select a mode (for this session, Rectangular)
  3. Move cursor over one corner, hold down left mouse button, drag to other end and release button
  4. SAVE snippet (File -> Save as -> select a folder; for this session, Downloads)


If needed, create multiple copies and possibly use snipping tool to add lines. For this session, we will take a simpler route and only use the one picture.

Step 2: create a GIF

  1. Go to Giphy's GIF Maker
    1. Better but more involved alternative is EZGif
  2. Choose your photo or GIF
  3. Use tools to create GIF from static image
  4. Captions and Stickers can be rotated and easily removed; Draw cannot
  5. Upload
  6. Click on 'Copy link' and copy the GIF Link

Notice Giphy may make the gif smaller and less defined. The site is trying to optimize for web and reduce file size. Keep this in mind, or use EZGif and other options. Giphy was the focus today for ease of use.