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Spotify: Account

A History and Use


New users can register with an existing email or with their Facebook accounts, thanks to the 2011 integration.

Spotify Premium v. Traditional (free):

  • Student Premium plans start at 50% off subscription while Family Premium Plans offer 50% off each additional user.

  • Download music so you can listen anywhere, offline.

  • Ad free listening prevents podcast and album interruptions.

  • Listening freedom, meaning you can play any song, or skip any song, at anytime as opposed to the free version of Spotify which limits music to a shuffle-only playback.

Taken from Spotify 

Your Profile

Includes an overview with your top 20 recently played artists, public playlsits, and following/followers lists. 

Followers can be added through the Facebook connection if established, or users can follow the creators of their favorite playlists.