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Sex Trafficking: Home

This guide is to inform you about what is sex trafficking and how you can help prevent it from happening to someone else child or anyone.

Lib Science Student


Human Trafficking:   Modern-day slavery and involves the the use by force, fraud, or coercion to obtain some type of labor or commercial sex act.

Exploited:   Someone or something is fully taken advantage of.

Trafficker:   A person who deals or trades in something illegal.

Child Sex Trafficking:   When a child is under 18 is involved in a commercial sex act where sex is traded for money, food, shelter, drugs or anything else of value.

Purpose & Scope

To Spread the knowledge of sex trafficking and inform the people of America that sex trafficking is happening right in their backyard.


My topic is "Child Sex Trafficking" and I will inform you about the issue that is happening around the world and give you tips on how to prevent any more children being lured in the trafficking world.

Intended Audience

My attended audience will be teenagers and adults.