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Explore Indiana University history and its broader impact through these library resources!

IU Day

Welcome to the IU Day LibGuide!

What is IU Day?

Started in 2016, Indiana University has engaged in IU Day as an annual celebration of all things IU. The day involves social media activity, sharing personal anecdotes related to IU, giving gifts to IU and its various programs, and reflecting on the university's past. With this LibGuide, we will show some of IU's history and provide guidance toward resources about IU.

If you would like to participate in IU Day, you can join the conversation on social media, make a gift, and check out the official IU Day website for more information on additional ways to take part in the celebration!

Every campus of Indiana University has its own history and story to tell. Because this LibGuide is hosted by Indiana University Northwest, we would like to highlight the history of our campus. This timeline was provided by emeritus Archivist-Curator Steve McShane of the IU Northwest Archives.

IU Northwest Timeline

1921--  Earliest documented classes offered in NW Indiana by the Indiana University Extension Division.  Classes held at Jefferson School in Gary.

1922-- IU establishes a permanent office in Gary. Albert Fertsch, Gary Schools’ adult education director, heads the program.

1923-- IU offers classes in Hammond, East Chicago, Gary, and Valparaiso.

1928-1929-- First published bulletin for the Gary Center.

1932-- IU shifts focus from Gary to East Chicago, founding the Hammond-Whiting-East Chicago Extension Center at East Chicago Roosevelt High School.  Director was Hugh W. Norman.

1936-- Hammond-Whiting-East Chicago Center renamed the Calumet Center.

1939-- New Calumet Center of Indiana University opened on Indianapolis Boulevard in East Chicago.

1948-- IU assumed the administration of Gary College as it experienced financial and accreditation difficulties. After one year as Indiana University-Gary College, the institution became the Gary Center of Indiana University, at the City Methodist Church complex, 6th & Washington St. in Gary.

1952-- John C. Buhner succeeds Albert Fertsch as director of the Center.

1955-- City of Gary donates twenty-seven acres in Gleason Park, in the Glen Park section of Gary, to the University.

1957-- Groundbreaking takes place for new building.

May 18, 1959-- Opening of the new Gary Center of Indiana University in Glen Park.

1959-- William M. Neil named Acting Chancellor to 1961.

1959--   Dedication of new Gary Center building (building becomes known informally as “Gary Main”).

1961-- John C. Buhner continues Chancellor duties to 1969.

1961-- Theater Northwest is founded, the first such program at an IU regional campus.

1963—Calumet Center & Gary Center become the Northwest Campus of Indiana University.

1967-- First commencement, on Gleason Park Golf Course.

1967-1968-- Development of BA in African American Studies, one of the earliest in the U.S.

1968-- Sycamore Hall is purchased.

1969-- Alumni Association establishes a permanent alumni office to serve the campus.

1969--   George N. Thoma named acting Chancellor.

1969-- Moraine Student Center and Raintree Hall open.

1970--   Robert McNeill named Chancellor.

1972-- Northwest Center for Medical Education opens.

1973-- Lindenwood Hall purchased.

1974--   Herman Feldman named acting Chancellor.

1975-- Danilo Orescanin named Chancellor.

1975-- Dental Auxiliary Education Center purchased.

1976-- First honorary degree recipient, Col. Frank Borman.

1976-- Hawthorn Hall opens.

1976-77—Division of Continuing Studies first appears in the IUN Bulletin.

1977-- Recommendation that Gary Main building be renamed Tamarack Hall.

1980-- Library/Conference Center opens.

1984-- Ruth Wall Nelson retires after 50 years of service.

1984-- Peggy Gordon Elliott named Chancellor.

1988-- IUN Women’s Studies program founded.

1991-- Marram Hall opens.

1992-- Lloyd A. Rowe named acting Chancellor.

1992—The IUN sports teams change name from The Chiefs to The Blast.

1993--   Hilda Richards named Chancellor.

1999-- Bruce W. Bergland named Chancellor.

2000-- Savannah Center and Child Care Center open.

2004/2006-- Dunes Medical/Professional Building opens in two phases.

2006-- Sculpture Garden is dedicated.

2007-- College of Health and Human Services is established.

2008--Campus is flooded with water overflowing from the Little Calumet River.  Campus is closed for 2 weeks in September.  Tamarack is completely closed, due to flooded areas in Theater and elsewhere.  Performing Arts begins work in space at the Village Shopping Center at 35th Avenue and Grant Street.

2010--Chancellor Bruce Bergland retires.  IU President McRobbie announces the naming of the Savannah Center Auditorium as the Bruce E. Bergland Auditorium.

2010--Chancellor William J. Lowe is named the 6th chancellor of IU Northwest.  He is installed in October 2010 in the Savannah gymnasium.

2011—May 19--IU President McRobbie announces the closing of the School of Continuing Studies by Dec. 31, 2012.

2012—Tamarack Hall is demolished.

2012—Tamarack Hall time capsule is opened.

2012—Child Care Center closes July 1.

2012—First female police chief in IU System, Patricia Nowak, is sworn in on July 10.

2012—Frank Caucci Languages, Cultures, and Listening Lab dedicated

2014—Linda Anderson and Charles Gallmeier named to IUN Athletics Hall of Fame

2014—Old Child Care Center renamed Cedar Hall.

2014—IUN reaches record enrollment in Fall 2013 at ca. 6,400 students—6th consecutive year of increased enrollment.

2014—IUN Community Garden moves to corner of 35th and Washington Street.

2015—Groundbreaking for new Arts and Sciences Building (to replace Tamarack).

2016—50th commencement at the Northwest campus.

2017—50th anniversary of the first commencement at an IU regional campus, June 7, 1967 (just a few hours ahead of IUSB).

The Indiana University Northwest campus has its own Youtube page with many videos available on a wide range of topics. Scroll through those videos or check out the Playlists section for more recent activity at IUN as far back as 2011.

If these videos do not appear or will not play, please use another browser (e.g. Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome) or click on the video's title to open its record within Indiana University Media Collections Online.

Please note that access to these books requires either an Indiana University student, faculty or staff username and passphrase, or use of a computer on campus.

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If you would like more thorough, in-depth information on the history of Indiana University Northwest, consult with the archivist at the IUN Archives & Special Collections within the John W. Anderson Library. Below is a brief sample of the type of works available through the Archives.


IUN Yearbooks

Aurora (1966)
The Hourglass (1968)
Traces (1970-1971)


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