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Substance Abuse LibGuide For Lake County, IN: Statistics, Maps, and Resources: Library Books - Public/Community

This online resource tool brings together data, maps, and statistics concerning substance abuse

About Libraries

As centers for individual learning and research, libraries hold privacy and confidentiality for users as key tenets of operation. The American Library Association (ALA) notes that libraries have "a long-standing commitment to an ethic of facilitating, not monitoring, access to information." For this reason, libraries are a prime resource for people seeking information on substance abuse issues.

Below, we have listed books from the collections of various libraries in Northwest Indiana. Policies on use differ, but in all cases, Indiana residents can read these books within the library. Click on a book's title in these lists to confirm availability and obtain its call number, necessary for finding the book in its collection.

Substance Abuse Books by Public/Community Library

Lake County Public Library
Online Contact:

List provided by Lake County Public Libraries.

Crown Point Community Library
Online Contact:

List courtesy of the Crown Point Community Library.