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ProQuest Historical Newspapers: About

A guide to all aspects of ProQuest Historical Newspapers including content, searching, and viewing results on the new ProQuest platform.

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What are ProQuest Historical Newspapers?

The inauguration of a world leader. A breakthrough medical discovery. A declaration of war. The social event of the season. The rock concert of a generation. A new recipe. A death in the family. The birth of freedom.

For centuries, newspapers have been at the scene capturing not only the facts about momentous occasions, but also the sights and sounds of everyday life. ProQuest Historical Newspapers lets casual explorers and serious researchers alike travel digitally back through centuries to become eyewitnesses to history.

Front-page headlines, classified ads, marriage and death announcements, comic strips, reviews, display advertising, editorials, birth notices, photographs, and many other article types combine to help today’s researchers not only understand the news of yesteryear, but also the context in which it was made. For vital, primary source materials about worldwide and local events from 1764 into the 21st century, start here.

Food for Thought

Newspapers live only in the present tense and, as a consequence, give the time traveller an unparalleled sense of what the world was like - the prejudices, the habits, manners and preoccupations seen through a fixed prism.
—Richard Eyre, Saturday Guardian, March 11, 2007