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Government Documents: General Information/Overview of Department

This guide is for government documents

SUDOC breakdown

Several documents in our collection are shelved using the SuDocs (Superintendent of Documents) classification.  Our collection development strengths are Education, Health, Census, Justice, and Congressional hearings.

Current Lettering for SuDoc Class Stems 

As of May 2014, the current lettering used for SuDoc class stems selected by our department are:

This Commission investigates allegations of the denial of voters' rights; discrimination claims based on race, religion, age, and disability.

  • ED United States Department of Education
      • Founded in 1980, some of the main goals of this Department include:
        • Data collection on America's schools.
        • Establishing and monitoring responsible federal financial aid disbursement practices.
        • enforcing anti-discrimination measures, thus ensuring all citizens the right to equal education opportunities.
        • Addressing educational topics and concerns on a national level.
  • EP Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).
      • The EPA's role is to establish and enforce environmental regulations, and to protect the environment and citizens from health hazards.
      • Researchers in disciplines including biology, chemistry, geosciences, nursing/allied health, the School of Public and Environmental Affairs, and Criminal Justice, often rely on resources published and administered by the EPA.
  • GA Government Accountability Office (GAO).
      • The GAO is a nonpartisan agency responsible for ensuring the responsible spending of Americans' taxpayer monies.
      • Audits of Congressional agencies are regularly performed, and the GAO provides advice and feedback as to how well the Government is carrying out its programs and policies; suggestions for improvement are given, as appropriate.
  • GP Government Printing Office
  • GS General Services Administration
  • HE Health and Human Services Department
  • HH Housing and Urban Development Department
  • HS Homeland Security
  • I Interior Department
  • J Justice Department
  • JU Judiciary
  • L Labor Department
  • LC Library of Congress (LOC).
      • The LOC is responsible for administering the National Copyright System, and contains rare historic documents, including the Gutenberg Bible and Thomas Jefferson's personal library collection (which served as the Library of Congress' founding).
      • Librarians and Library/Information Science students rely on the LOC's resources to provide meaningful information to Library patrons utilizing online catalogs and periodicals databases, including subject headings, and assigning appropriate Library of Congress/Superintendent of Documents' classification schemas to Library resources.
  • LR National Labor Relations Board (NLRB)
      • The NLRB determines if it is appropriate for employees to have Unions and ensures that fair labor practices occur in the private sector.  There are instances where the NLRB needs to refer clients to other agencies to resolve issues:
      • The DOL's Wage and Hour Division
      • The Occupational Safety and Health Division
      • The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
  • NAS National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)
  • NS National Science Foundation (NSF)
      • The NSF provides Federal funding to support college/university studies in mathematics, computer science, and social sciences' disciplines.
  • PE Peace Corps
  • PM Personnel Management Office
  • PR President of the United States
  • PREX Executive Office of the President  (EOP).
  • S State Department
  • SBA Small Business Administration
  • SI Smithsonian Institution
  • SSA Social Security Administration
  • T Treasury Department  
  • X and Y Congress