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HIST 105 American History I: Books

This guide is for Professor Christopher Young's American History I course.

Books from IUCAT

To search within IUCAT on 18th century in the United States, search: United States--History--18th century


Find books, journals and other research resources provided by the library.
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Call Number Range

Below are call number ranges to browse the shelves for American History. This range is on the 2nd floor in the library.


E186-199                                      Colonial history (1607-1775)

E186-189                                            General

E191-199                                            By period

E191                                                        1607-1689

E195-199                                                  1689-1775

E196                                                              King William's War, 1689-1697

E197                                                              Queen Anne's War, 1702-1713

E198                                                              King George's War, 1744-1748

E199                                                              French and Indian War, 1755-1763

E201-298                                      The Revolution, 1775-1783

E300-453                                      Revolution to the Civil War, 1775/1783-1861

E300-302.6                                         General

E302                                                        Collected works of American statemen

E302.1                                                     Political history

E302.5-302.6                                            Biography (Late eighteenth century)


E303-440.5                                         By period

E303-309                                                  1775-1789.  The Confederation, 1783-1789

E310-337                                                  1789-1809.  Constitutional period

E310.7                                                           Diplomatic history.  Foreign and general relations

E311-320                                                        Washington's administrations, 1789-1797

E321-330                                                        John Adams' administration, 1797-1801

E323                                                                    Troubles with France, 1796-1800