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SWK-S 102 Introduction to Social Work: Dissertations & Theses

This guide is designed to assist students enrolled in course SWK-S 102 Introduction to Social Work achieve their research objectives.

Dissertations & Theses

Using ProQuest Dissertations & Theses Global Basic Search

Enter one or more words and click Search.

Explore your results. Open and view documents that interest you. A document can be anything from a newspaper article, to a photograph, PDF, or video.

Things to know

What ProQuest does with the words you enter

ProQuest looks for your words (search terms) in all fields—including any available abstract or full text—of all documents in all selected databases.

When you enter more than one word, shale oil for example, ProQuest will look for documents that contain both shale and oil in any field, including any available abstract or full text. 

Search for an exact phrase

Surround your words with quotation marks—“eternal love” or “life after death”—to force ProQuest to look for your words as a phrase only, rather than finding each word separately.

Limit your search

  • Select the Full text checkbox to find only documents that provide the complete full text, versus just a citation or abstract. 
  • Select the Peer Reviewed checkbox to limit your search to research that has been evaluated by people in the same field in order to maintain quality.

Autocomplete -- search term suggestions as you enter your search

If enabled by your administrator, autocomplete provides suggestions from previously successful searches by ProQuest users. The list changes as you type, to match previous searches that start with what you have entered at any point. Click any term in the list to immediately search for that term.

You can click the Turn off auto-complete link to disable search term suggestions for your current ProQuest session

Text courtesy of ProQuest