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Pivot: Pivot Funding: Search Results

Pivot provides Research Administrators, Research Development Professionals, and individual faculty members the edge—by bringing together the right research opportunities, funding, and people—quickly and easily.

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Navigating your Search Results

Whether you conduct a Quick search or an Advanced Search, your funding opps results are displayed in a variety of ways to help you best locate the funding opportunities relevant to your needs.

After conducting your search, your results are displayed like the example below. The search results page is separated into two areas – the main search results, and on the left side of the page, the faceted search results.  The main list of results is a list of funding opportunities available based on your search query in the main viewing pane of the page. These results are initially displayed by relevancy. The faceted search results give you a view into your overall results organized by category (Recently Added, Submission Type, Top Funding Types, Top Sponsor Types, Top Requirements, and Top Keywords) which identifies those search results that are most heavily represented.

Each row represents one funding opp and displays high level information about each opp: Title, Sponsor, Deadline, and Amount. Near the top left of the main results list you’ll see the total number of results, with each page showing 25 of the opps. At the bottom right of the page you can use the page numbers, or the “next,” “previous,” and “last” options to page through your results.
Click on the Opp title to see the full opportunity.

Click here to learn more about how you can manage your funding search results.























Managing Individual Opportunities

In addition to managing funding Opportunity from your search results list, you can also manage individual funding opportunities from the full funding opportunity record.
Viewing an Opportunity
Clicking on the title of any opportunity in your search results list will display the complete funding opportunity. 
Full details of an individual funding opportunity include: 

  • Website – provides a link to the sponsor information about the opp
  • Sponsor – name of the group or organization
  • Amount – amount (s) to be awarded
  • Requirements – criteria for type of applicant
  • Citizenship/Residency – information on limitations (if any) to applicants who are either citizens or residents of specified countries or regions
  • Activity Location – location where work is to be performed
  • Abstract – description of the funding opp
  • Eligibility – who can apply for the funding
  • Keywords – assigned by our editorial team
  • Upcoming Deadlines – shows sponsor deadlines and their certainty, as well as any internal deadline entered by your Research Department and is found at the bottom of the record


You’ll also see some additional information to the right hand side of the full details.
Add the opps in your tracked list, located near the top right of the record. 


  • Share link which allows you to share the funding opp you are viewing
  • See Alert Recipients (only Research Administrators will see this option)
  • See More Opps Like This – list of funding opportunities similar to the current opp
  • Send Feedback – notify our editorial team of any inaccuracies related to the funding opp
  • Potential Collaborators*

* Potential Collaborators
Within each record you will see the Potential Collaborators section on the right side of the page. In this area, Pivot displays a link to people, both inside and outside of your institution, with whom you might have a potential collaboration opportunity.

This page contains more detail on individual opportunities.