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Access to Reserve Items

There are two forms of Reserve items available through the John W. Anderson Library: General Reserve, and Personal Reserve.

General Reserve: Books found by searching our online catalog, IUCAT, by the book's title, author, and any other useful information. Reserve books may be listed as either "Reserve Desk" or "Checked Out: Due - NEVER."

Personal Reserve: Books placed on reserve by IU Northwest professors, only available for use by IU Northwest students. These items are not included on IUCAT. Consult either the Circulation Desk or a Reference Librarian for assistance.

For both forms of Reserve, students are required to bring their Student IDs. General Reserve books also require the Call Number for the Circulation Desk to find the book. Please read the remaining instructions for a better understanding of how Reserve works, including loan periods and fines.


In order to make it easier for you to gain access to materials needed for your courses, the library maintains a collection of materials that your instructors have requested be placed on Reserve. Be aware that it takes approximately one week to process materials before they are available.

Material placed on Reserve by instructors is also kept in the Reserve Area which is located at the Circulation Department. Reserve items may be books, articles, old exams, audio materials, or video cassettes. Each item is listed on cards which are filed alphabetically under the instructor's name in the Reserve File Catalog located on the Circulation Counter.


Generally speaking, only students may take out materials on reserve. Students wishing to use Reserve materials must have their IUN photo student i.d. card. This is the only item that may be used to borrow materials on Reserve. The Library also keeps a few special items on reserve such as preparation books for the GMAT, GRE, LSAT, and Police Officer Exams. Any patron may use these materials by presenting a valid Indiana Driver's License which will be held at the Reserve Desk until the material is returned. These materials may not leave the library. There is a limit of 2 (two) items per student which may be checked out at one time. Be advised that the Reserve materials have significant fines for overdues. All materials must always be returned to the Reserve Desk to avoid a fine.

Loan Periods

Each instructor designates which category of Reserve will be used. There are 4 (four) loan periods available:

2 Hours - Library Use Only
The book, article, or exam may not be taken from the Library at any time and must be returned to the Reserve Desk at the end of two hours. However, these items may be photocopied.
2 Hours and Overnight
These items may be taken out of the Library and may be photocopied. They must be returned to the Reserve Desk at the end of two hours. This material may also be checked out overnight starting two hours before the Library closes. Materials taken out overnight must be returned within one hour after the Library opens the following day.
One to Four Days
The item may be checked out at any time and may be returned at any time on the specified due date.
One week or more
The item may be checked out at any time and may be returned at any time on the specified due date.
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