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Creating a Business Plan: Strategy 1, Market Analysis

Strategy 1 - Search for Market Information

Searching for industry info




Strategy 1 may be considered a "quick and dirty" search to see what is out there that is specifically on a particular industry. 

Simply search the industry, or key term for your business idea, and use the facets to limit your search.

In this example the business idea is creating a new restaurant chain that will focus on gluten free menu items. 

The search returned 8 results and the first one is right on point - how gluten free food is creating sales value.  Good news for the business plan.






The first search used the Basic Search.  The search can be expanded in the Advanced Search screen.  A search for gluten free/all fields including full text returns 137 results.

Selecting the subject facet of Business Outlook and Attitude Surveys provides 11 results.  The first survey on food trends supports our business plan of opening a gluten free restaurant.